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2nd December, 2008

Time to focus! I am bringing the blog back to life! (the last post has been made private. If you would like to read it, let me know, I’ll forward it to you)
Today is:  my sister’s birthday, my tiny nephew was born yesterday

… AND today I started the 365 photo project. This is a huge step for me. I can think of few things I enjoy LESS than seeing a photo of myself. I am hideously critical and honestly have just never learned to accept myself in the flesh. This is completely opposite of how I view the world. I cannot (literally!) think of a single “ugly” person. I see beauty everywhere, and yet cannot find it close. There are lots of reasons for this, of course… but the point is that I’m ready to shed the old painful thoughts that continually cut me. I’m taking the 365 challenge! (see Flickr box to your left) I may need a little support…. I’m a skeered!

Thanks for reading, I will try to at least update 2 times per week. And do the 365.

Blessings friends!



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Friday String Smut

Happy Friday, friends! See, I am getting back into the blog swing! 🙂 I have several finished objects for today’s knews! Though I feel satisfied with the many finished things (especially after my 2 month long knitting hiatus)… it’s a bit alarming as well. You see, I knit when I’m stressed. More stress? More knit. No spinning since my last entry. Spinning is my true zen sport, and I don’t do well at it while stressed and sweaty-palmed. So, I sit and pet… stare longingly at all the fiber that calls to my fingers. poo.

As it is, there’s still a big move ahead… so I’ve gone ahead and cast on a pair of socks for me. The Pumpkin King Jaywalkers on Lotus Toes. I mean, my birthday is coming up… why shouldn’t I have new socks!?

And in the knews:

Thuja socks for Zen Daddy:

Simply socks in Masquerade yarn by Dashing Dachs for the freshly four daughter:

What are you working on??

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