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Friday String Smut

Happy Friday, friends! See, I am getting back into the blog swing! 🙂 I have several finished objects for today’s knews! Though I feel satisfied with the many finished things (especially after my 2 month long knitting hiatus)… it’s a bit alarming as well. You see, I knit when I’m stressed. More stress? More knit. No spinning since my last entry. Spinning is my true zen sport, and I don’t do well at it while stressed and sweaty-palmed. So, I sit and pet… stare longingly at all the fiber that calls to my fingers. poo.

As it is, there’s still a big move ahead… so I’ve gone ahead and cast on a pair of socks for me. The Pumpkin King Jaywalkers on Lotus Toes. I mean, my birthday is coming up… why shouldn’t I have new socks!?

And in the knews:

Thuja socks for Zen Daddy:

Simply socks in Masquerade yarn by Dashing Dachs for the freshly four daughter:

What are you working on??


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