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Thursday catch up

Good afternoon, fellow bloggers! I am headed out the door to go to Zilker park, but wanted to update on a few fun things first!

New yarn!! Bellissima lace yarns!! The Loopy Ewe will be our exclusive online retailer for this yarn, and it will be in next week! (You’ll have to catch a sneak up, I bet) Here’s your sneak peek… I LOVE doing subtle solids!!
Bellissima lace yarns

And a sneak peek at tomorrow’s stocking in the store:

Bella Nirvana aran Parfait Nirvana

In the Knews: I am working on the last inch of some teeeeeny little longies for a swell little scallywag… finishing up and making test pairs for the new pattern coming out this month. Sadly, I had to set my Pumpkin King Jaywalkers aside from pain again. 😦 I have ONE whole sock for me, though! woohoo!! I think I’ll try again in a few weeks to see if the pain will get better. It’s so weird how it’s shifted. I used to have no pain on the little needles, only the large ones… now exactly opposite for the last several months. ??? weird.

Also! CALLING ALL FABRIC LOVERS!!! Fabric is the one thing I may just have more of than yarn… and it’s time to set it free! I am auctioning off HUNDREDS of yards of fabric for about 1/4 the cost I purchased it at. Something for everyone, from fashion to quilters. Have a look here  for those…

I also want to THANK YOU all for my birthday wishes. I was not in the car headed west as I wanted to be, but it was a great day none the less.

Have a great weekend ahead, and keep stitching! 🙂



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